Note: in Sala Vanni an event dedicated to Franco Battiato


Note: in Sala Vanni an event dedicated to Franco Battiato

“Note”, the festival curated by Ideerranti and Musicus Concentus, returns to Sala Vanni in Florence on Thursday, Feb. 22 (h. 18). This new event of the series will explore the world and personality of one of Italy’s greatest artists: Franco Battiato.

Singer-songwriter, composer, writer, director, painter and for a time even politician, Battiato invented a personal reinterpretation of pop, characterized by cultured quotations, an innovative use of electronics and lyrics full of irreverent motifs, but also by mystical-philosophical references and wise melodies, later landing to the production of more refined works with a particular attention to the cultured tradition.


The event will have as speakers Guido G. Guerrera, author of the book Franco Battiato. L’uomo dell’isola dei giardini; Alessio Cantarella, author of the graphic novel Battiato l’alieno together with Maurizio Di Bona; and Francesco Pelosi, who together with Chiara Raimondi created the graphic novel La luce e lo spazio. Un’intervista a Franco Battiato.

Dialoguing with the authors will be an exceptional discussant, Syusy Blady, who knew Battiato personally and shared a trip to Nepal with him on the theme of the Bard. The event will have free entrance and will include musical performances and the projection of videos and images. Participants under the age of 25 will be given a free copy of one of the books.