Sala Vanni

The Sala Vanni, located inside the monumental complex of Basilica di Santa Maria del Carmine in the Florentine center, hostes the headquarters of Musicus Concentus. Rich in charm and history, it opens into the 17th century cloister and courtyard of the convent of Santa Maria del Carmine. From it you can also enter into Cappella Brancacci, which holds the famous frescoes by Masaccio and Masolino.

The Sala Vanni was originally the convent’s second refectory, and owes its name to Giovan Battista Vanni, the Florentine painter and author of the fresco “Cena di Cristo in casa del Fariseo” (c. 1645) which decorates it. In addition to Vanni’s fresco, the Sala Vanni also holds several detached frescoes from the adjacent Cappella Nerli with stories from the Passion of Christ attributed to Lippo d’Andrea (1402): a crucifixion with sinopia, a fragmentary flagellation and a lacunose “Ultima cena con Santi”. There is also a fresco of “San Vivaldo” painted by an anonymous in the late 14th century and a fresco of “San Cirillo” attributed to Spinello Aretino.

The Sala Vanni is currently an auditorium with 192 seats and hosts primarily the Musicus Concentus’ concerts. The intimate size ensures direct contact with music and artists, and this has made it a point of reference for fans of new music.